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vitamin deficiency
i had vitamin b12 deficiency and iron deficiencey before i had thyroid problemis there any ayervedic medicine which can help body absorb its required proportion
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chyawanprash dose?
I bought the Divya chyawanprash online and got it today with other products( amla choorna, kesh tailam, kesh shampoo and eye drops). Please tell me how much chyawanprash must be given to my 3.5 yea...

Problems with insomnia and fatigue
What products would you recommend for insomnia and daytime fatigue?

Knee roblem.
Sir, I am having problem with knee. I cannot bend the left knee & at the same time it is pinching me from inside. Also if i jump or some pressure is there it pains me. Please suggest the medici...
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Medicine for regeneration of cartiladge at knee joint
My mother age 68 yeas, is sufferng from knee joint pain. It is dignosted by doctor as wornout of cartilage in the knee joint of both legs. They have suggested knee replacement surgery for both legs.

Hair regrowth medicine
I have already used the Oil as well as the Shampoo, it has stopped hair fall but isnt there any medicine to regenerate lost hairs....
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HDL = Good cholesterol is low
My HDL which is also known as good cholesterol was low. How can I improve my good cholesterol level and have overall normal cholesterol level. Please suggest complete package and duration for this ...

''acne on head''
hi i am facing a sever problem having ''boils on my head'' as it pains a lot have consulted one of the skin specialist and got cured from last six month the boils appear after ...
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i m 30 years old. mera penis small hai aur thik tarah se erect nahi hota. pls suggest me.
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Remedy for piles
I was facing the digession problem from my age 25 onwards.I was just ignoring it continued my life route .after my age 33 I experienced with my motion problem with blood out put.the mouth of the ou...
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