Home Remedies for Osteoprorsis

In short Osteoporosis is what is called osteoporosis in the medical world. Given the fragility of the bones, and there are great opportunities to break the bones, and thus osteoporosis is a serious condition. Bone density becomes less and thus the bones don’t remain strong like they used to be before. The bone density depends on the genetics of the person and it is different for different people. The bone density can be increased by various medicines. There are various home remedies for osteoporosis that help in preventing the loss of bone density.

Home remedies for osteoporosis:

  1. It is better to prevent osteoporosis. For this exercise daily, it will also help in building bones. There is no need for you to join a gym to do exercises. If you have a will, then you can even do well with walking and jogging for 45 minutes. This will increase the density of your bones and therefore even if you're somewhere in the autumn, will not fracture the bone.
  2. Walking in the chest in deep water is also an effective treatment for osteoporosis, such as walking water will reduce the stress of the bones, joints, bones and joints makes it feel lighter.
  3. To increase bone density, and you should also drink dandelion tea, a special tea prepared from the leaves of the Dandelion. Drink this tea twice in one day is what you will need to do.
  4. To add bone density, and increase the intake of soy products. Soy products will make a balance in the levels of the hormone estrogen, and thereby increase bone density.
  5. Each morning start your day with a deal with a handful of sesame seeds. This is one of the means of the very effective home remedies for osteoporosis.
  6. Increase the amount of calcium, and a very important factor of calcium in the bones. Absorb some of the almonds in warm water. The next day, peel them and blend them with milk. You can use cow's milk, goat's milk or soy milk to mix the almonds. Drink this mixture of milk, almonds, calcium will give to your body, and thus make your bones strong.
  7. You will need to change your lifestyle for the prevention of osteoporosis. Increase the amount of calcium. Body on a daily basis require about 1500 mg of calcium. You can either take calcium supplements or increase the amount of milk.
  8. Along with vitamin D and calcium and phosphorus also very effective in adding strength to your bones. Fish, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, broccoli and all these things are very good for you, and assistance in obtaining recovery from osteoporosis.
  9. Apples, pears, grapes, and is also effective in the treatment of osteoporosis. Include them in your daily diet. Also nuts, seeds, honey, there is a need for a treatment of osteoporosis.
  10. Spinach, whole wheat, bread, beans, and pineapple is a rich source of manganese, which are needed to increase bone density.
  11. Eat plenty of sprouts, as they are a rich source of vitamin K, which is required by the bone to be better than bone density.