Home Remedies for Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis is caused by various facts, such as viruses and bacteria, and sensitivity to different chemical agents. It is the requirement of infectious and spreads easily. In this eye and the injured person becomes red and pink, and therefore also a condition called pink eye. In this case gets the eyes of those affected and dump the contents and a clear or yellowish water. There are various home remedies for conjunctivitis - pink eye, but in the case within one week of pink eye does not get normal and it is best to consult a doctor.

Home remedies for Conjunctivitis - Pink Eye:

  1. After you get the best of Ophthalmology, s to follow the diet plan is based on full fruit for an entire week. Make sure that eating lots of seasonal fruits along drinking fruit juice. If you can not follow this diet for more than four days and then you can return to your diet normally.
  2. Avoid Bananas among the fruits , as it will slow down the procedure to heal.
  3. Your regular diet should also include green leafy vegetables with fresh fruit. Whole wheat bread, vegetable salads, and nuts are also some healthy options for you.
  4. Avoid eating anything to satisfy your taste buds. Foodstuffs, such as sweets, meat and food should be oily, deserts and beverages such as coffee and tea also be taken in limited quantity, in case you find it difficult to manage without these beverages.
  5. Parsley, carrots and spinach are very effective in the treatment of conjunctivitis. You can drink juices made from vegetables, as it is or by mixing with each other. Mixture of spinach juice, 200 ml to 300 ml of carrot juice and become unfit for drinking. You can also combine juice, parsley juice, spinach instead of the carrot juice. Vegetable juices is one of the most effective home remedies for conjunctivitis - pink eye.
  6. Indian gooseberry (Amla) juice with one teaspoon of honey in that it proved useful for many in the treatment of conjunctivitis.
  7. Rinsing is also a very large job in the conjunctiva. For this you can prepare for the eye using dry coriander. To make money-eye put one cup of coriander in a dry pint of water. Rinse your eyes with this solution with water to reduce swelling in the eye and also give relief from pain.
  8. You should consume vitamin (a) rich foods when you have conjunctivitis. Milk, butter, tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin, papaya, almonds, milk and all this food is a rich source of vitamin A and vitamin B2.
  9. You can also set up another to the eye by mixing some boric acid powder in warm water. Wash your eyes with this solution in the early morning, and then again in the evening.
  10. This condition is spreading very quickly, make sure that you always wear goggles when you get out of the house or when you are in someone else in the company. This way you will not conjunctivitis spread among family and friends.
  11. Do not rub your eyes; Rather than cleaning the dirt with cotton balls. Wash your eyes more often to keep them clean.
  12. After waking up from sleep, you may find it difficult to open the affected eye. This does not pull your eyes instead, wash it gently and try to open slowly.