Home Remedies for Acne

Acne is a problem in some condition that has more psychological impact than just a health issue. It most often affects adolescents and young adults compared with older people.

Why acne has also been credited to a variety of reasons, ranging from food, and even genetic and environmental factors. All that can be the cause of acne, but the fact remains that acne when not managed well or deal becomes a serious problem with serious consequences. There are many acne treatment products available at present, but a closer look at what we have available to us in our immediate vicinity will reveal a cure for acne unusual but effective.

Below are ten highly effective acne home remedies that will change your life:

1. Garlic or lasuna - is also known as Allium sativum in biological weapons. It is considered to be one of the best home remedies for acne. Here there are two ways in which you can use one or both. The first method is to crush 2or more clove of garlic and its application to the affected areas twice a day. The second option is to chew and swallow one or more of the cloves of garlic per day. The problem is that garlic is a powerful factor smell and should be handled.

2. White Egg - Crack some eggs, and remove yellow yolks of eggs, leaving only the egg whites. Overcome these egg whites for some time, and this applies to your face or on the part affected. Wait for 15 minutes, and wash the area of application. The purpose of the application of egg whites is to eliminate excess oil from the skin, which enhances the early healing of acne and skin.

3. Toothpaste - and was formerly the practice of amateur but now it has been scientifically proven that the toothpaste actually help in the treatment of acne. This applies at all times in the location of your acne before retiring to bed. This is believed to help manage the swelling overnight. Just to make sure it is not gel toothpaste, but the paste.

4. Baking soda - baking soda is commonly available in all kitchens. Regardless of the post of Chief of the bread as it is considered as good as rubbing the face. The purpose of facial scrub is exfoliate the skin, and the elimination of dead skin that can eventually clog the pores and lead to acne spots. Add clean water to a small amount of baking soda and make a paste out of it and that can be applied. Massage gently to paste on your skin for 10 to 15 minutes. Then rinse off the baking soda with clean water. Pat your face dry with a clean towel that has not been used before. Do not allow baking soda to stay on your face and takes longer than fifteen minutes because it may cause a rash.

5. Salt and water - Preparation of salt solution through the addition of salt in warm water. The use of lead solution to wash your face twice a day, or morning and evening. This will remove excess oil from your face, making it safe from the occurrence of acne.

6. Vinegar - a popular home remedy for treating acne. For most people who use vinegar to treat acne use the apple juice and vinegar, but plian (common) and put to use. In spite of the kind that you can use vinegar can be very useful when it comes to remove the acne problem. Have the ability to kill acne causing bacteria, balance your skin pH level and the absorption of additional quantities of oil that gets accumulated on your skin. Ranging from clean, dry skin, and the application of diluted vinegar (eight parts water to one part vinegar), respectively, to your skin with a cotton ball, and leave it on.

7. Option - option for better or for help in the digestion of natural food in the body. The digestive system is closely linked with the health of the skin, it should help in reducing the escape of acne.

8. Lemon lime or orange - Choose any of these members of the family of citrus fruits. Lime and lemon is very rich in citric acid, which is Exfoliator is very good. You can also apply fresh lemon juice with rose water variety in your face; left there for 15 minutes. The continued application of this for fifteen days will give you amazing results. Earth and orange peel with water to make a thick paste that can be applied on the spot acne to make you free from acne. Lime combined with rose water is also an optional home remedy for acne. Just apply on your face and leave for 15 to 20 minutes then rinse with warm water.

9. Oatmeal - oatmeal can absorb the United Nations wants the oil and draw impurities that reside deep in the skin. Cook some plain oatmeal like you would a meal for consumption. Let it cool, and rub it on your skin clean. Allowed to stay for a period of time, like a mask, then rinse. If you do so on the basis of the usual, you should see results soon.

10. Aloe Vera - Aloe Vera help to prevent acne scars as it cures acne spots. As you know cactus herb used in a wide range of home remedies.