Home Remedies For Abrasion

In some cases, the external and internal layers of the skin to infection because of the power or tears. This results in abrasion of the skin. If the injury was not serious enough it can be easily treated with home remedies for scratched(Abrasion). There are many simple treatments that have proven effective in healing abrasion fast. In many cases, while playing a sport and the players are located on a hard surface and get the skin abrasions of this kind. Due to the decline in some cases, the outer skin layers, while some of the times and the internal layers of the skin gets injured.

Home Remedies to Abrasion:

  1. Whenever you get any kind of injury in the skin, and the first thing you should do is clean the wound properly with a good disinfectant soap and warm water. This way you will get protection from microbial infection.
  2. Honey is very effective in the treatment of rapid and abrasions. And then apply some honey on the affected skin.
  3. Aloe vera gel is readily available at the home of almost everyone. You can use aloe vera gel to the skin, as it prevents further damage to the skin and accelerate the healing process.
  4. It is also helpful to wash the infected part of the skin with hydrogen peroxide. This will prevent the growth of any type of microbes in the areas of skin.
  5. Apply a few drops of lavender oil on the skin abrasion is also one of the remedies are very effective house for abrasion.
  6. Mix together oil, tea tree, comfrey and calendula and the preparation of ointment. You can apply this cream over the skin abrasions, to get fast relief from pain caused by injury.
  7. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol for a rapid recovery in the form of bruises.
  8. Make a paste by crushing marigold flowers, and banana leaves and parsley leaves together. This applies to paste parts of injured skin.
  9. It is also a very effective treatment for the application leaves the dock over the abrasions of the skin. You can also make a paste from the leaves of the dock and its application to the abrasions.
  10. If the wound is deeper, and then the wound must be dressed correctly. To heal the wound make good use of ointments and creams disinfectant.
  11. You can set up a homemade ointment used lard and mint white.
  12. You can also apply tea tree oil and lavender oil to the affected area of the skin after washing the infected part with warm water.
  13. Down one cotton ball in vinegar and clean the infected part of the skin with it, and this will help prevent the growth of microbes.
  14. After washing the affected area, and the application of vitamin (e) the application of oil or cod-liver oil through the skin. This will help to heal the wound quickly.
  15. To reduce inflammation in the skin and prevent any type of infection, and the application of garlic oil on the parts of injured skin.
  16. Onion juice is also effective to prevent the growth of microbes. And therefore apply onion juice externally on injured skin.
  17. Collection of fresh banana leaves and crushed. Make a fine paste and applied to the diseased part of the skin. This treatment also gives a fast relief of pain.