Aloevera - The wonder Plant

Aloevera - The wonder Plant

Aloe Vera, Ghratkumari, GheeKanwar , the names are many but they all belong to one miracle plant Aloe barbadensis. It's a wonder plant with health benefits so myriad and astounding that hardly any part of human body remains that is not influenced by its healing touch. From being a natural fighter against all sorts of infection, an efficient anti-oxidant to helping in all digestion related problems, arthritis, stress, diabetes, cancer , AIDS to being an enhancer of beauty, Aloe has been proved by research to be a plant of amazing medicinal properties. The medicinal value of the plant recognized for centuries for its remarkable properties, lies in the gel like pulp obtained on peeling the leaves. Its juice has cooling properties, is anabolic in action, a fighter of 'pitta' and guards against fever , skin diseases, burns, ulcers, boils eruptions etc. Aloe's active principle 'aloin' is responsible for its unique digestive properties. Though it would be too exhaustive to enumerate its health benefits, the areas in which Aloe plant extract helps is summarized, in short, as under Antiseptic, Anti-bactericidal - Aloe Vera produces six anti-septic agents with anti microbial properties and if its juice is taken on daily basis is protective against diseases.

1. Protector of human immune system—The leaf extract galvanizes the cells of immune system. The phagocytes increase their scavenging activities, thus cleansing the body and kicking off a whole cascade of protective actions which strengthen immunity. Improves digestive system Research work carried out over the years points conclusively that aloe juice helps in digestive disorders. Constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome etc are cured by the flushing action. The deposits of toxins and unwanted substances in our diet which keep accumulating in intestines prevent the absorption of essential nutrients causing nutritional deficiency, lethargy, constipation, lower backache. Aloe juice helps flush out these residues boosting the digestion and giving a greater feeling of well-being.

2. Aloe Vera in arthritis—Being a stimulant to the immune system, a powerful anti-inflammatory, an analgesic and able to speed up cell growth, it repairs arthritis damaged tissue. While conventional allopathic treatment only relieves pain, Aloe Vera juice taken internally and applied externally helps in repair process by regenerating cells and detoxifying the affected area.

3. Aloe Vera fights stress—The stress filled life of today cause bio-chemical and physiological changes in the body, making us susceptible to diseases and dysfunction. Aloe Vera juice is just the thing to get our machinery smoothly and effectively going.

4. Aloe Vera and cancer—aloe juice enables the body to heal itself from cancer and the damage done by radio and chemotherapy which destroy healthy immune cells crucial to the recovery.

5. Aloe Vera and diabetes—It lowers glucose and tri-glyceride levels in diabetic patients. Effects can be seen from the second week of the treatment.

6. Aloe Vera and hepatitis—Extract of aloe juice has been shown to have beneficial effects on liver and alleviate symptoms considerably in chronic hepatitis patients.

7. Aloe Vera in heart disease—Addition of isabgol and Aloe Vera juice to the diet of patients of angina pectoris, results in marked reduction of serum cholesterol and tri-glycerides and increase in level of HDL.

8. Aloe Vera and AIDS- A daily dose of min. 1200mg. of active ingredients of aloe vera showed substantial improvement in AIDS symptoms. Says Dr . Pulse,"Aloe is to an AIDS patient as insulin is to a diabetic."

9. Aloe Vera as wound and skin disease healer—The gel is excellent for easing first degree burns, relieves inflammation and accelerates healing.

10. The Aloe Vera gel has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral effects and helps heal minor wounds. It lessens painful effects of shingles, reduces symptoms of psoriasis and eases heartburns and ulcers.

11. Aloe Vera for kids—Aloe Vera can be an important ingredient of medicine chest. Children can take Aloe Vera juice as it helps heal on the outside and inside. It soothes stomach upset. It takes the pain out of burns and bites and the growth factors in its yellow sap stimulate new cell growth almost miraculously. Aloe helps by decreasing allergies and colds, lessens laboured breathing, gives calmer energy, better digestion and healthier skin. Infact, kids and Aloe Vera go together wonderfully.

12. Aloe Vera and Beauty care—Once, a beauty arsenal of Cleopatra, today Aloe Vera is showing up as a main ingredient in cosmetic industry. It is one herb which can be used almost as freely as water on skin. Mixed with selected essential oils, it makes for excellent skin smoother and moisturizer , sunblock lotion plus a whole range of beauty products. No wonder then that Aloe Vera is referred to as the 'Miracle Plant'. From being an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and a cure for heart burns to helping relieve the symptoms of severe illnesses like cancer and diabetes, to being a beauty aid and health nourisher , this ancient Indian herb has it all. Known for centuries for its unique medicinal properties, it has been rediscovered, recognized and benefitted from in the last few years. The active ingredients hidden in its succulent leaves have the power to soothe human life and health in a myriad ways. Aloe Vera is undoubtedly, the nature's gift to humanity and it remains for us to introduce it to ourselves and thank the nature for its never ending bounty.