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Questions on Alternative Medicines

acidity, improper digestion and irregular periods
I have two main problems: 1. I have burning sensation in the stomach if my stomach is empty for long or if I eat spicy or oily food. I have improper digestion also when I eat oily or high fiber foo...
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How to increase sexual time.
Hy dr. I want to extend my sexual time period. Is any medicine which help me. And i want to make my penis strong.
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Dear sir, i am suffring from low blood platlates. It was 11-12. I want to increase it to 20.pls tell me what kind of ayurvedic medicines help me to increas it and how i gain my weight its now 50kg.

Heavy loss of hair....what to do?
My wife has started losing hairs since bith of my daughter, now 3.5 years old. At first hair fall was not significant, but now due to stress and dandruff lots of hair fall has been noticed. Volume...
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about tone
sir,i am 21 years old men,and when i am talking to others ,my voice will be like femail voice , what can i do
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bleeding gums
i am having bleeding gums at the time of cleening teeth's some time boils on the gums please advise herbal or Ayurvedic remedy for me.
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how to enlarge penis size & gain weight
Namaste Sir, I am 27 yrs old boy, my penis size is too short, please suggest me how can I enlarge my penis, & how can i get weight.

how to enlarge penis size
Namaste Sir, I am 27 yrs old boy. i have very tension about my future life, because of my sex organ size it it is less than 3 inches. how can i increase it, please suggest me.

dosage for 3.5 years old infant?
I have checked from your list of products and i have found divya drishti/netra jyoti eye dropsfor and divya amla choornato your. But there is no mention for child use and their child dosage? The pr...
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Please confirm?
asked by romeochamp on 20 December 2009 15:10
I thank you for all your answers. I want to reconfirm from you about one thing. You mention the use of divya drishti/netra jyoti eye dropsfor and divya amla choornato your for my daughter of 3.5 ...
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