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Questions on Alternative Medicines

pain in legs
i have pain in portion of leg below knee at the end of the day. i have 45 kg weight can u tell me to increase my weight and to reduce pain.i have sitting job.i have been done 2 times laproscopic op...
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how can i increase my concentration and grasping power?
i cant concentrate on my studies well, so please suggest me some ayurvedic medicines for it.

bags under eyes
I am 63 yrs old and have bags under my eyes/swolln /puffy under the eyes I do Pranayama but not helping me Thanks
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Urinary Track Infection
Hi I have recurring urinary track infections for the past five years. I have burning sensation when i urinate. I always have to do the antibiotic course. Can you please suggest some Divya medicine...
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night fall,early discharge,piles,cough&cold
i am 26 years, but since 12 years i am suffering from night fall once in a weak and early discharge ( 1min-2min)at the time of masturbates as well as i have also dry cough,cough & cold since 5 ...

Ingredients for Divya Amla Murabba
What are the ingredients for Divya Amla Murabba 1 kg? Does it contain sugar?
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what is complete package of hearing problem
asked by mainajani on 13 December 2009 23:51
My son has hearing problem for the last two years. He is on many alopathic medicines. I want to know what is complete package of ayurvedic medicine for hearing problem.
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Follow up question with my earlier question
Continue with loss of smell and taste I also have very sticky mucous (never ending)How can I reduce the mucous-Sometimes it is light yellow and sometimes light green- blood test shows no infection-...

Question for penile enlargement & performance
Dear doctor, I am looking for medication for the following: a) Penis enlargement b) Reduce/elimiate Premature ejaculation c) Increase sexual performance. Could you please suggest the appropriate ...

Over weight , Low spearm count
Hello Dr , Since form child hood i wanted to reduce my weight but its not getting reduce , i follow all the instruction by Ramdev Baba 1) i drink warm water in morning 2) Yoga for 2 hours (7 Prna...
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