Herbal cure for Impotency in males

Impotency is the inability to perform sexual intercourse. It may be temporary or permanent.
Hormonal imbalance, chronic diseases or weakness, injury to penis etc ate the main reasons for impotency. Generally over masturbation, nightfall and infections of urogenital tract are the main culprits.

These diseases should not be ignored and timely treatment causes permanent cure for sexual problems.

Ayurveda has complete cure for all these sexual problems like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, seminal deficiency and low libido etc.

  • It is recommend to take full package for male sex problems regularly. This package consists of traditional and ancient ayurvedic medicines having powerful stimulation for reproductive system. It helps in inducing rock hard erections and maintains this erection for longer durations.
  • A regular course improves libido, physical power and sexual power. It cures impotency completely and gives full confidence.
  • Apply orgy oil on the shaft of penis regularly twice a day with simple massage of ten minutes to get big, strong and thick rock hard penis.
  • Keep the course regular and take diet rich in fresh fruits, vegetables and milk.
Herbal Medicine for Impotence