Herbal cure for Asthma

Asthma is a disease of the lungs, where people find it difficult to breathe. Channels that lead to inflammation in the lungs. Become narrow, making it difficult to breathe. In some cases to go to muscle spasms and as a result of the channel becomes narrower. Increased production of mucus and difficulty in breathing. A person suffering from asthma really find it difficult to breathe when she / he is suffering from the attack. Such a situation and often requires immediate medical attention, and that has not been made available to the victim it may be often fatal condition.

What causes asthma?

There are no specific causes of asthma. Research has indicated that this is the result of defective genes and the impact on the environment. The issue becomes more serious if all the factors that combine together. Apart from this person can be affected also suffer from various allergies, which may include eczema and hay fever. Breathing tubes become narrowed down to the cells and the chemicals enter the lung tissue fuel pipes breathe. When the tubes are narrowed difficult for air to move through the lungs, thus leading to difficulty in breathing.

Once people become excessive wind interaction lungs start to respond in an abnormal manner, leading to an attack of asthma. This leads to inflammation in the respiratory tract. And the person becomes a patient allergic to house dust, smoking, and chemical irritants. Emotional distress also exacerbate the disease. A person suffering from asthma should be really careful of all allergic diseases, as well as the surrounding areas.

In most cases of asthma is a disease that runs in families and if your mother or a relative has the disease there is a greater likelihood that it may have.

Asthma symptoms

Some of the common symptoms of asthma and persistent cough and a feeling of tightness in the chest and difficulty breathing. These symptoms may not be continuous, but has become too with the passage of days. In some cases, symptoms may be mild, while in some cases very severe. Medical care is mandatory. Some patients need for treatment in hospital. Symptoms become severe in the morning and evening. Asthma may also be caused due to eczema. The symptoms are severe among the children during the night. Asthma can affect anyone, but found more among children. If she was a woman smokes during pregnancy and the fetus is at risk of asthma. Active and passive smoking leads to asthma.

How to diagnose asthma?

The disease is diagnosed based on symptoms, which are seen by doctors. Apart from the symptoms of various medical tests carried out to be quite sure. Chest X-ray and lung function were carried out medical examinations. It is difficult to diagnose in young children and there are many other reasons that lead to wheezing.

In most cases of asthma can be easily diagnosed in children over five years on a test known as peak expiratory flow rate. Using this test a doctor measures peak flow, which means how fast air can be disposed of in the lungs.

Treatment for Asthma

The person must be under appropriate medical care while suffering from an attack of asthma. Medicine is given directly to the lungs with the help of MDIs. It helps to open the airway and prevented any attempt to prevent another attack on asthma. The person should follow the self-management plan so that all activities based upon it. Should attend regular asthma check-ups and try to control the symptoms of an attack. Practice should continue.

Herbal Remedies for Asthma

Asthma Notifications

A victim of asthma and should identify the factors that cause this disease. For each person there are some situations that may lead to an attack of asthma, one needs to make sure that he or she stays away from this situation. If the mother does not smoke during pregnancy, the chances of a child suffering from asthma and reduced to a large extent. However, it should suffer from asthma does not prevent any person from leading a normal life, and he / she should certainly do their regular activities in the exercises or walking fast. A pattern of life that keeps one suitable in general can greatly reduce the chances of them after an asthma attack.