Herbal cure for Alcoholism

Alcohol is a type of drug that changes the physical and mental human condition to allow them to feel lighter in spirit, and drunks sometimes get out of control. There is no effects of alcohol when consumed in moderation, but when the high rate of consumption of it may be very harmful to health.

The effects of alcohol

When people consume alcohol, drugs and strikes affecting the brain. This gives a sense of comfort and leisure, and reduce the stress and anxiety. It is for this sense of people consume alcohol. Limit alcohol consumption to moderate person may give a boost to the instantaneous, and let him / her that you feel lighter in spirit. When consumed alcohol over the limit also the results are not clear in a speech which is followed by instability. Heavy alcohol consumption may lead to vomiting, indigestion and headache.

It is often seen that the average consumer of alcohol does not get drunk, but it can not deny that the regular consumption of alcohol causes damage to internal organs of the body. Because it increases the opportunity to treat a Cancer, stomach ulcer, heart disease, cirrhosis of the liver and strokes. An overdose of alcohol are also often associated with crime, accidents, violence, and he believed that the consumption of more than boys at the level of alcohol in the mental instability. There are various other ill effects resulting from the consumption of alcohol. It may lead to reactions that are overdue and ingenuity. It does not kill cells in the brain, but the damage and harm the brain dendrites, which is plant cell, and plays an important role in transmitting the message to the cell.

Excessive consumption of alcohol may also result in diabetes, where there are a lot of alcohol that contains a high proportion of sugar, which leads to increased sugar content in the body, thus causing diabetes.

Reasons for alcohol consumption

Alcohol and drugs that help a person to overcome depression. Even people who suffer from mental problems, consume alcohol in many cases. In addition to dealing with the problem of the mentality of people who consume alcohol also to keep the tension and problems related to their families, work, finance and the relationship away. However, it is also true that alcohol is a social drink and in many cases a regular feature in the meal. If consumed in moderation does not harm anyone.

The amount of alcohol to be consumed

World Health Organization has set a minimum consumption of alcohol, and stated that if this drug is consumed within the borders that do not pose a threat to health. A line guide has been provided by the government that men should not consume more than four to three units of alcohol a day, and women should not consume more than three units of alcohol a day. When alcohol is consumed at the specified level people can enjoy him / her drinking as well as it does not pose a threat to the health of the individual.


Drinking an excessive amount on a regular basis may often result in this addiction to drugs. When many people become addicted to this disease is treatment to help him get out of this addiction and reduce the rate of consumption of it. People in some severe cases are transferred to the hospital for detoxification with the help of medicines. Provide them with appropriate counseling and therapy sessions to allow them to return to healthy lifestyles.


Alcohol is consumed to a lesser extent, or a greater degree in every society. However, some communities have imposed strict limits on the consumption of alcohol. There are many countries and communities, which imposed restrictions on the age of the individual to drink alcohol.

In severe cases of alcoholism about the victim may show some symptoms such as nausea, and shaking of hands and legs, and sweating.

Not at all a problem if alcohol is consumed in moderation. Unusual and excessive consumption of alcohol is very harmful to health and the person has become an alcoholic. In such a case of family members, and we must be patient with the victim and try to find the root causes of this scourge. They must take him sound advice and give it full support.